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The Peoria Communications Advantage

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Represents a handful of services. Some may be the best in the industry, some might not.

Peoria Communications

Offer the full spectrum of services from every reliable carrier, providing access to every leading service—and the truth about product limitations and weaknesses.

The "best deal" is what the carrier’s marketing and sales management want pushed at the time, and is caught up in sales quotas.

Provide objectivity regarding the ideal technology, whether carriers are promoting it or not. Our recommendations are not affected by product sales quotas.

Calls products by own unique names.

Provides clarity when product names are confusing.

Time frames and handling procedures vary for contracts, installation, repair, etc.

Manage time frames and handling procedures for you.

Employee turnover destroys continuity. Clients have to educate their salespeople, only to lose them and have to educate the next salesperson.

Our team of consultants remains solid and constant, ensuring continuity. Once we learn about your business, we’ll be there for the long haul.

Carriers only provide discounts and promotions to compete with other carriers – they “beat the bid” instead of offering their best deals.

We know about and bring the best prices and promotions to you based on your need and our desire to deliver great value.

Major carriers cut staffing as they drive to cut costs, leaving their remaining staff with too much work and creating delays, errors and problems.

Peoria Communications manages carriers to ensure that we “fill in the gap” left by corporate cost-cutting, with permanent post sale support.

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Service Providers

Peoria Communications uses only the best service providers in the industry, so you can be sure you're getting the best possible service, at the best possible price.